Information on Stapedotomy Procedure


Stapedotomy is a procedure in which fixed stapes bone is replaced with Teflon or platinum piston.

How is Stapedotomy Performed

Stapedotomy can be performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. It is performed through trans canal approach. stapes footplate fixation is secondary to otosclerosis. 0.6 mm fenestra is created in footplate of stapes using perforator or LASER. Suprastructure of stapes is removed. Piston is anchored laterally to incus and medial end is inserted into fenestra. Hearing assessment is done on table.

Stapedotomy Indications

Otoscerosis with conductive hearing loss.

Preparation for Stapedotomy

aspirin should be stopped 4 days prior to surgery.


tinnitus may or maynot subside after surgery.

Cost of Stapedotomy

INR affordable cost

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