Information on Septoplasty Performed Procedure


Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to fix a deviated nasal septum. While a minor deviation in the septum is common and does not cause serious health issues, if the deviation is severe, it can cause nasal obstruction and affect breathing quality which leads to early onset hypertension. and cardiac problems in long term.A severely deviated septum can also cause insufficient nasal drainage from the sinuses. Either of these side effects are serious health concerns, and require treatment from an experienced ENT specialist.

How is Septoplasty Performed

Septoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia. Freers incision is given using radiofrequency/ LASER . Mucoperichondrial and mucoperiosteal flaps are elevated on both the sides of septum. deviated part of bony and cartilaginous septum corrected. Usually this procedure is combined with turbinate reduction on the side opposite to deviation .It is performed using endoscope , camera and monitor. Any coexisting sinus problems are corrected with IPC xomed debrider.

Septoplasty Indications

  1. Nasal obstruction that affects breathing quality.
  2. Severely deviated septum

Preparation for Septoplasty

Vibrissae/ hair in nose should be trimmed 1 day prior to surgery patient should be empty stomach 6 hrs before surgery. Patient is informed that his nose will be packed after surgery with merocel or airway packs depending on their choice.


The treatment corrects the damage or deformities to the septum.

Cost of Septoplasty

INR 15000 - 30000

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